Life Day 1

Ok well as we all know life sucks. Im in college right now and wow does life suck. I mean college itself is 8 million times better than high school. One thing better is there is no drama. Who cares about who Jimmy nailed last night and who Ashley is dating. I have been working 40 hour weeks as of late. I hate it. Balancing college, work, girlfriend is tough. Im sure everyone knows.  Well anyways who cares right better me than you right? well all in the last week I got into an accident with a cop. Get this it was his fault. Now I have to ride a freaking bike to work and school. Think about it a grown man riding his bike to his job at Dell on the highway. It would be hallarious if it wasnt me. Well I also woke up to the fact my girlfriend had left me a message on my phone saying and i quote “Fuck you Larry. All you have done is screw up my life. I hate you and I wana let you know Iv cheated on you with 3 different guys.” O man life is great right. When will it get better? Who knows but right now all i can say is FORGET YOU SAMANTHA. Id say an inapropriate mean word like another word for a pregnant female dog or even another word for a girl who has sex for money but honestly is there any point? I mean how about I call her a word that ryhmes with tuck with a ING at the end of it and a word that ryhmes with itch after it. Hmm sounds great but what will it do beside make me look stupid. Hope things get better. 🙂 <— closet thing i can get to smiling. Sad really….


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